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How to Meet Moldovan Women?

If you are making a short trip to Moldova, rather than staying for several months for work, study, or a very long vacation, meeting women that you might see as long-term partners or for marriage, might not be very easy. Language is a part of the problem, but unlike in Western Europe or the United States, most women do not have the time or money to visit bars, restaurants or clubs.

For most women, going to a restaurant or bar is a special treat and trying to approach women that you meet throughout the day is not easy. Most guys find it hard to approach women cold, even in their own country but doing so when one has no shared language and social cues are harder to understand makes the task even harder.

Of course, most women, even in a relatively poor country such as Moldova have not given serious thought to marrying a foreigner and an approach from a stranger can easily be misconstrued causing, at the least, some embarrassment to both parties!

It is probably best to have at least some contacts made in advance of your first visit. By doing so, you will not be meeting a stranger and you will have broken the ice before you land at Chisinau airport.

There are some international dating sites that have a number of female clients in Moldova but most such businesses do not have many female clients in the country that is partly a hangover from the days when it was difficult to travel to Moldova, but also because the population of the country is only 2.7 million, as compared to almost 150 million in Russia so the number of available women is much lower than other countries well known to men seeking a foreign bride.

Brides and Lovers Moldovan dating sites is probably better than even Moldovan dating sites because has many Moldovan women specifically looking for marriage to a foreign man, so they are a good starting point for serious men looking for a Moldovan bride. Possibly the biggest advantage of going down this route is that the women you meet on the site will already be comfortable with the idea of meeting a foreigner and be willing to consider marriage to the right man.

Getting Around In Moldova

Most parts of Moldova do not get many English-speaking visitors, so outside of the capital city Chisinau, not much English is spoken. In Chisinau, it is much easier to find people who speak English either socially or in shops, bars, taxis, restaurants etc. If you want to visit other parts of the country, and you should, it is not too expensive to hire an English-speaking person complete with driver to act as driver and guide. For more information about getting around Moldova, Tours and Transfers please call or email me.
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Of course, if you are meeting with women then you may well want to venture out with them, although you might still need to arrange transport. There are several car hire companies, including the international majors such as Europcar or Sixt. You can hire a car, with a local, English speaking driver, for around €100 per day, with discounts for longer periods using local companies. This might be an efficient, pleasant and safe way to handle transport, particularly if the women you meet do not drive.

Unlike the United States or UK, car ownership is not seen as being an essential and locals make heavy use of public transport and taxis. Most of the women you meet are unlikely to have a car, or even know how to drive.

Where to Stay

Moldova does not have many hotels of high standard but international chains such as Radisson have properties in Chisinau. In general, decent hotels are not cheap and good hotel accommodation is hard to find outside of the capital. Many people prefer to stay in apartments because they can offer good prices, great accommodation and are more discreet than hotels. and both have apartments on offer throughout the country with a 7-night stay costing from less than €150 to top-end penthouse type apartments from around €500 for a week.

In other cities accommodation tends to be a little more basic, not the same amenities as you might be used to, but still comfortable, safe and clean.

If you choose to stay in an apartment, try to get a place with two bedrooms, both you and any visitors will almost certainly feel more comfortable with that arrangement and the cost of doing so is not high.  

Manage Your Expectations

Many of the women you will see in Moldova will be very attractive. If you like the elegance and looks of Italian women then you will think that you have died and gone to heaven when you walk down Stefan Cel Mare, the main avenue in the centre of Moldova. You will see many tall, slender, well dressed women. When you go to the smaller towns and cities you will likewise be similarly impressed. Women in Moldova tend to try to look as good as they can, and obesity is not the same disease as so commonly seen in other countries in the English-speaking world. However, people in Moldova are quite realistic in their expectations and so you should be – look for a woman who is likely to be a good match for you rather than arm candy to make your friends jealous.

If you are happy to spend lots of money in bars and clubs you will find no shortage of very attractive young women happy to help you spend, spend, spend, but if you are serious about finding a good wife and life partner you will be best served if you look for an attractive woman who is relatively close to your own age and who is at a similar stage of life.

Bear in mind that many women who are single will be divorced and have children of their own. Those women who have not had kids will still be wanting to create a family of her own with the man in her life so make sure of your own opinions in respect of children. If your views on these matters are not compatible with those of women you meet then, no matter what the emotional attachment might be, unless you and she agree and are comfortable with each other’s needs, the outcome will probably not be good. Again, in part, this goes to the pragmatism built into most people in the region.

As a matter of fact, if you are happy to begin a relationship with a woman who has a child then your chances of success go up considerably. In Moldovan culture, men often will not marry a woman who already has a child. At the same time, the divorce rate is high. That means there are many attractive, sociable women who would make ideal Moldovan brides who are left on the shelf. A reason that women advertise on Moldovan dating sites is because they know that foreign guys are more open to marriages to women with children.

Go, Get on a Plane!

Most men never follow through on their plans to find their Moldovan bride even though there’s thousands of women on the various Moldovan dating sites. Faint heart never won fair maid – and there are many fair maidens waiting in Moldova. You can be the special man who finds his special woman but unless you take that first step your Moldovan brides will remain just a fantasy!