My Moldovan History

I first went to Moldova in March 2002. Like many people who visit this country my first trip was to meet a woman. It was a whirlwind romance, I was on top of the world and got married one month later. This turned out to be the worst and best decision of my life all in one. I should of seen the signs because even on the wedding day we argued and I nearly stopped it there and then. We had a civil ceremony in Moldova in April 2002 and in June she came to England. It was OK at first but as time went on I can only describe it as living with another man. So beware a beautiful woman can't always make you happy. When she had everything she needed for leave to remain in the UK she made life so bad for me that I left and we started divorce proceedings. If you are coming to get acquainted with a woman here please don't be put off by my story. There is many good woman here, you just have to be sure of their true intentions and above all take your time. If you need help please contact me and I will be pleased to give you any advice I can.

This is when my life turned, I went alone to Moldova to seek a quick divorce. I must admit I was very scared and stayed in my room for the first two nights. On the third night I decided I must just go out and unwind so I walked around going in several bars then a club. I had a great time and everyone welcomed me with open arms. I started to make many friends and find out more about the country and above all else that you can stay in Moldova alone with ease without expensive hotels or translators.

I Started going about five times a year and slowly it became my home from home. My circle of friends grew and grew over this year until I had more friends in Moldova than the U.K. Now you can see why I say just go out and experience this country, all you have to do is show respect for your hosts and on the whole they will look after you very well indeed. I split my time between Moldova and the UK but more and more I preferred Moldova and in June 2006 I just didn't get on the plane back to England.

Being a little wary of women after my first experience I wasn't really looking to get married again. During this time I did become friends with a woman, we went on our first date after one year and now are very happy and married. Just to show you it can work just take your time.

Well there's not much more I can say about myself, and I'm sure you've had enough of my rambling on by now. I hope if you come to Moldova you find the same things I did and please remember I am available for any assistance you may need for your journey .I hope you enjoyed my small story about my Modovan experiences.