Moldova Private Investigation Service

Services during Covid-19 shutdown: As most business and government organizations are closed we have had to stop most of our services. Our girls in the office our very adapt at finding out as much as possible about a Moldovan girl with their contacts and skill of social media using three languages. We will find out as much as we can about your Moldovan girl and check her against the Moldovan scammers list for £100. Just email me for more information.

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Specialist in investigating and finding the truth about the women on anastasia and other dating sites.

Have you ever thought that you would like to know more about the women or indeed man you are corresponding with in Moldova. Well look no further, with us you are dealing with a british ex-pat in Moldova so you can be assured of being passed the correct information regarding the investigation service you require in Moldova. When we investigate your woman, man, girlfriend or woman you are corresponding with on the anastasia dating site in Moldova we never ask for payment unless we know we can provide you with some information, so don't be worried you will not be scammed by us. This service is carried out between me and my wife. All direct contact is carried out by my wife as to not raise suspicion.

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What information can you find out from our Moldova investigating service

  • Get your man or woman's in Moldova's personal contact details.
  • Pass on your personal contact details.
  • Find out how many other people they are communicating with.
  • Ask them what they think about you personally.
  • Asses whether the woman or man that you corresponding with in Moldova is a scammer.
  • Find out if the information you have been told is true.
  • Provide you with photo's of them or where they live.
  • We will find out anything you feel you would like to know.

    Quick scammer check

    Since 2006 I have been keeping a list of scammers here in Moldova. You will be supervised at how many women and men I come across time and time again especially on the anastasia dating site. My list now contains more than 200 people of which 90% are women. This service not only tells you if they are a known scammer but I will also tell you if I have been asked about them before or if indeed I have delivered flowers before. We have often delivered flowers to the same person, sometimes within a week of each other. Should you want me to check my database then just email me, the price is below on this page.

    A simple way to investigate my woman or man in Moldova

My wife and I have found that the best way to investigate women in Moldova advertising on such sites like anastasia is to deliver flowers to her from you. This serves several purposes. We can often see where they live or work, we can see how they look in real life and not their professional photo's, pass personal contact details of you and her. Take photo's of them to send back to you and above all my wife is very good at making them relaxed and has been known to spend up to an hour with them finding out all about them and what they think of you.

More detailed investigation work

We are now in a position to get a complete background check on your woman or man. This will show everything including children, spouses and ex spouses, parents names, address registered, colour of eyes, hair and even their blood group. Above all this will show if the person has ever been in trouble with the police and what for, and whether they have been caught for scamming in the past.

Ultimate investigation

If you really need some one followed, then we can also do that using the latest surveillance technology such as chips on cars, listening devices etc. Please email us for a quote.

How much does this Moldova private investigation service cost?

Quick scammer check: The cost for this is £25

Flower Delivery: If you want us to physically meet your woman or man we will only do this combined with a flower delivery or delivery of some kind. This is because it gives us a cover for contacting the person without raising any suspicion. If we contact them direct without this cover the person often gets scared and it does you a lot of harm in your relationship. We do not take any money unless we can 100% meet your women. This also includes us providing any information in our database.

The cost for the above service is £60 this includes a large bouquet of flowers, photo's (with the recipients permission) and
anything thing else we can find out.

Simple check: If you don't want us to make direct contact with her or him and you only want a home phone number, photograph of where they live or just want to find out if she is real, we can do that to for you.

The cost for the above service is £30

Background Check: This is in two parts. An initial payment of £125 is needed to instigate the investigation then a further £125 once the authorities have provided us with the information. There is no need to pay the latter if no information is found. This seldom happens and is mostly due to your friend in moldova being false or a scammer. You will normally receive the copy of their information in it's original format as received from the authorities. This also includes us providing any information in our database.

If there is a specific kind of information and investigation you would like please just email us with your request.