Custom Tours of Moldova

I am always being asked to take people on a tour somewhere in Moldova. The most popular places of interest seem to be The wine cellars, Tiraspol and the Transnistra the gorgasia region and Old Orhei Vichi monastery. I can provide any bespoke tour of Moldova or even the Ukraine so please don't hesitate to ask about your particular requirements.


There are only two Gamma Ray Fields in the world and one is here in Moldova. Don't miss this new tour that even the locals don't know about. See home page for more information.


Old Orhei Vichi monastery Tour

Just a short drive from Chisinau, Orhei is a monastery in the caves built in 1675, church of St. Mary Cave cells in which monks lived, remains of the fortress built by the Tatar's (The Golden Horde) in the 14-th century ,a church of St. Mary, a house in national style, a back yard with a small wine cellar, and an exhibition of the local archeological finds (geto-dacian culture,tatar culture,Moldovan medieval culture). The monastery is situated on the side of a steep gorge in a stunning setting. Be aware that you will have to walk about 1km to reach the caves, I am told that this is because you need to cleanse your feet to God. Orhei is one of the most popular places to visit in Moldova and well worth the walk on a dry day. Be aware that the walk to the monastery is all a gradual up hill walk.

Milestii Mici Wine Cellar Tour

20 minutes from Chisinau Milestii Mici is the biggest wine cellar in Moldova and is in the Guinness Book of Records for having the biggest wine collection in the world. The impressions from the surrounding landscapes, the splendid architectural ensemble in the style of ancient feudal castles, the huge entrance into the cellar – all these draws anyone's attention. The total length of the galleries is more than 200 kilometers (55 kilometers of which are used and explored).The depth of the mines varies from 30 to 85 meters. The big barrels are prepared from Crimean and Krasnodar oak. Their capacity varies from 600 to 2000 dal.The galleries from Milestii Mici can even be passed by car, but is much more interesting to make a tour by foot along the streets which are named according to some types of wines or grapes like Cabernet, Aligote or Feteasca.

Tiraspol and Transnistra Tour

If you fancy a tour in the danger zone then look no further. The tour of Tiraspol is the most popular and I can get you safely through the Transnistra border to Tiraspol with no fuss or bribes being paid .Using my service is the safe way to visit Tiraspol. Once there you can go and get some of their funny money and buy some of the local famous Kvint cognac. There is always rumors that you can't take a photo of the statue of Lenin in Tiraspol, but as you can see there is no problem at all. There is a few interesting things my guide can tell and show you in Tiraspol, but it's really being there for a few hours and see how little is going on on the streets and soak up a bit of old communism rule. The tour is about half a day in total but should you want to stay longer in the capital there is no problem.

Large groups can visit the famous Kvint Cognak brewery. Please ask on request.

Remember these are just the most popular tours. I can tailor a tour in Moldova to suit your requests, just ask.

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